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Victorian Cytology Service

The Victorian Cytology Service is a government-funded pathology laboratory and primarily responsible for reporting Pap tests. It is the largest single laboratory reporting Pap tests in Australia, examining approximately 280,000 Pap tests per year. This represents approximately half the tests taken annually in Victoria.

Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry

The Registry is a confidential database of Victorian women's Pap test results. The main functions of the Registry are to send reminder letters when women's Pap tests are overdue, and to provide a safety net for the follow-up of women with abnormal Pap tests.

The Registry provides screening histories to laboratories to help with the accurate reporting of current tests. The Registry also provides laboratories with quantitative data to assist with their quality assurance programs.

National HPV Vaccination Program Register

The Australian Government engaged the Victorian Cytology Service to manage the HPV Register. The HPV Register supports the National HPV Vaccination Program, funded by the Australian Government.

The HPV Register plays an essential role in monitoring and evaluating the program, by storing information about girls and women who receive the HPV vaccine and sending reminder letters if the three-dose course is incomplete.

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