Research and evaluation are essential to guide our efforts to encourage more women to have regular Pap tests

To ensure our strategies are effective, PapScreen Victoria relies on the research and evaluation conducted by:

Cancer Council Victoria's Behavioural Science Division
The Behavioural Science Division conducts behavioural research around Pap tests, cervical cancer, HPV and the HPV vaccine, including evaluations of media campaigns and literature reviews on topics such as reminder letter interventions. 

Outcomes from these studies continue to inform PapScreen Victoria's future strategies. Behavioural Science Division research will also be useful to tertiary students, health professionals and behavioural scientists.

Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry
Victorian cervical screening statistics.

Victorian cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Australian cervical screening statistics, and cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates.

Cancer Council Helpline