Nurse cervical screening providers

Why become a nurse cervical screening provider?

Nurse cervical screening providers offer choice to women seeking cervical screening. As the majority of nurses are female, they increase women's access to female cervical screening providers, which is an important consideration for many women. 

In some rural areas there is a high percentage of male GPs, and nurses may be the only female cervical screening providers in the area.

Compared with other Pap test provider types in Victoria, nurses take a higher percentage of Pap tests from women over the age of 50 years. They also collect a higher proportion of Pap tests from women whose last test was more than two years ago.

Nurses are usually able to take extra time with their patient, which is an important element in reaching women with special needs, such as women from different cultural backgrounds or women with disabilities.

The Victorian Cervical Cytology Register produces an annual report on nurse cervical screening practice. Find the report here. 

How do I become a nurse cervical screening provider? 

Nurses who hold current Division 1 registration are eligible to become nurse cervical screening providers.

Step 1: Complete a Victorian course that is accredited with the Australian College of Nursing or equivalent training interstate or overseas. 

Step 2: Once completed, apply for credentialling with PapScreen Victoria.

Step 3: Apply to Victorian Cytology Service (VCS) for an individual practice number, which will allow your Pap tests to be processed by VCS. If your practice doesn't use VCS, you must keep track of your own statistics using the PapScreen statistical record worksheet [Excel 976K].

More information

Contact the Credentialling Secretariat, on 1800 111 255 or


Credentialling Secretariat
PapScreen Victoria
615 St Kilda Road Melbourne Vic 3004


(03) 9514 6804

Sandy Anderson, Credentialling Coordinator, can be contacted on 0407 190 207 at Sandy should be contacted before submitting your application if you completed your training course interstate, overseas or more than 12 months ago, or if you are reactivating your credential status.

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