Cervical screening provider training courses

There are three cervical screening course providers in Victoria which are accredited by the Australian College of Nursing. Division 1 nurses must complete one of these courses to apply for credentialling as a nurse cervical screening provider in Victoria.

The courses vary in cost and delivery. Further details regarding the courses can be found using the details below. 

University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice
Course title Women's Health Screening
Contact Email Weilun Nien or call 03 9035 3821
Website gp.unimelb.edu.au
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Family Planning Victoria
Course title The Pap test and Introduction to Sexual Health Course 
Contact Email Sandra Halloran or call 03 9257 0129
Website fpv.org.au

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre & University of Melbourne      
Course title Clinical Sexual and Reproductive Health Course
Contacts Hennie Williams (03 9341 6249) or Ria Fortune (9341 6237) 
Email nursespapcourse@mshc.org.au
Website www.mshc.org.au/EducationUnit/tabid/241/Default.aspx

Nurse Cervical Screening Provider Course Information

This document aims to increase the understanding of each course and outlines the content and assessment

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