Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer haven't had regular Pap tests - also known as Pap smears.

Pap tests. A little awkward for a lot of peace of mind.

How to mentally prepare for a Pap test

Did you know that around 90% of cervical cancers can be prevented with regular Pap tests?

But fear and embarrassment mean many women avoid having them.

Here, Sophie takes us on her Pap test journey to reveal what really happens and help you prepare.

'It's just like going to the dentist, except it's down there ... and there aren't any teeth.'

Update your contact details

When you are overdue for a Pap test, the Pap test Registry will send you a reminder letter. To update your contact details, visit the Registry website or call 03 9250 0399. 

HPV and Renewal Workshop
PapScreen will be running a pre-conference workshop at the APNA National Conference on Thursday 5 May from 3.30–5pm, presented by VCS Liaision Physicians and Sandy Anderson from BADAC.

The National Cervical Screening Program is undergoing major changes, set to be implemented from 1 May 2017. The starting age, interval and primary test for cervical screening are all changing. These are significant changes for women, and nurses will need to be able to understand and explain these changes to their patients.

This workshop aims to educate nurses about upcoming changes to the national program. Participants will learn about advancements in understanding of HPV and the link to cervical cancer. Nurses will also learn about the innovative self-sampling pilot project taking place in Victoria and the implications this will have on improving screening rates in vulnerable communities. Case study activities will illustrate how all of the National Cervical Screening Program changes will impact upon nurses' practice in the near future. Find out more information and register

Nurse Cervical Screening Provider Awards
Do you know a nurse cervical screening provider who deserves to win an award for their outstanding service? Here's your opportunity to recognise a colleague for their contribution to women's health. Find out more

Important information in your language
It's important for all women, no matter where they come from or which language they speak, to have regular Pap tests. Read our information about cervical screening in your native language.

Update your clinic details
Please support us by providing or updating your clinic's details, to make sure every Victorian woman has accurate information about where they can access Pap tests. If you have any problems updating your details, or don't have your clinic ID code, please contact Harriet on 03 9514 6424 or

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