Items for loan

We have a number of educational resources available for loan to health professionals. There is no charge to loan the items however you are responsible for delivery costs to return the items to PapScreen Victoria.

If you would like to loan any of the resources listed below please email

Reproductive system jigsaw puzzle
This wooden jigsaw puzzle is approximately 1m x 1m and consists of 16 large puzzle pieces that detail the female reproductive system. Use the puzzle as a group activity at the beginning of an education session and talk about each labelled part of anatomy and its function as it is pieced together. A fun activity to break the ice and get the group talking together.

Pelvic models
Full reproductive anatomy pelvic models are excellent for demonstrating and practising Pap test technique.

Cervical cancer prevention flipcharts
The flipcharts below provide information on cervical cancer, the Pap test, abnormal results and the HPV vaccine. They can be used for one-on-one sessions with women, group information sessions and training health professionals. The flipcharts are also available on CD.

1. Healthy women, strong communities
Flipchart for Aboriginal health and community workers, and health professionals working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

2. Spreading the word
Flipchart designed for use by health professionals and educators working with women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Overcoming the barriers
Overcoming the Barriers is a workshop designed to highlight the barriers experienced by women with a disability in accessing breast and cervical screening services, and provides strategies for disability support workers to assist in overcoming these barriers.

The information and activities in the workshop are designed to inform participants about the role of Pap tests, breast awareness and mammograms in cancer prevention and early detection, in order that they can discuss these issues with the women with disabilities they work with and support.

The resource provides options for a full course (3-6 hours) or a basic course (1-3 hours). The full course is the preferred method of delivery.

A resource folder detailing how to run the workshop and the workshop PowerPoint presentation can be loaned to health professionals, who would like to deliver the workshop to disability support workers in their community.

Alternatively, PapScreen Victoria can deliver the resource as a full course (5 hours) to groups of 10 or more participants in metropolitan Melbourne.

For more information please contact

Cancer Council Helpline